Last month we had the pleasure to hear in person from the lead attorney on this case. Following up on this astounding news we have this update courtesy of our esteemed associate Sarah from the RTL Warren/Center Line affiliate:

A custody case is pending in Oakland County that could eventually topple Roe v Wade!

Please be in prayer for the pro-life attorney who will be appearing before the judge tomorrow, June 6, to request a guardian ad litem (GAL) to represent the unborn embryos in the case.  This is the first step in a case which will certainly reach the Michigan Supreme Court and hopefully the US Supreme Court.

Briefly, here are the facts:  a couple, now separated, are arguing over the custody of their frozen embryos.  The case made it all the way to the MI Supreme Court, where a judge sent it back to the lower court specifying “not to avoid the question argued by the parties: whether frozen embryos are persons subject to a custody determination.”

Why is that important?  In his Roe v Wade opinion in 1973, Justice Blackmun said if personhood was established for a fetus, then the whole right to abortion collapses because the right to life of the fetus would be guaranteed by the 14th Amendment.  Do you see the ramifications?  If these frozen embryos are determined to be persons then the right to abortion will crumble!

The case begins tomorrow with Dan Marsh, the pro-life attorney for the mother, requesting to appoint a GAL to represent the frozen embryos… and defend their right to life.  That man is David Kallman, of the Great Lakes Justice Center.  Please pray that the judge would approve this request!

Attached is a 15 minute clip from the Frank Beckman show where he interviews David Kallman.  If you would like even more information, please reply back with “more information, please” and I will be glad to forward more detailed information on the case.

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