Abby’s fierce determination to help women in need led her to a career with Planned Parenthood, our nation’s largest abortion provider, and caused her to flee the organization and become an outspoken advocate for the prolife movement.

During her eight years with Planned Parenthood, Abby became a clinic director and was increasingly disturbed by what she witnessed. In September of 2009, Abby was asked to assist with an ultrasound-guided abortion. She watched in horror as a 13 week baby fought and ultimately lost its life at the hands of the abortionist. At that moment, the full realization of what abortion was and what she had dedicated her life to washed over Abby and a dramatic transformation took place.

Desperate and confused, Abby sought help from a local prolife group. She swore that she would begin to advocate for life in the womb and expose abortion for what it truly is.

On September 19th, 2019, she will bring her story of courage to Michigan to provide testimony regarding her experiences before and after that seminal moment.

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Roger Stanwick

master of ceremonies

Roger Stanwick became prolife almost 20 years ago, about 25 years after the abortion that took the life of his only biological child. Roger says, “As I started sharing my testimony, I realized that I wanted to show  abortion from a man’s perspective, that men regret their abortions, and the role we must play in its demise”. Roger is the creator of The Men’s Pro-life Initiative.

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